Chinoiserie handpainted wallpaper one standard roll of 3 by 8 ft, custom size available

Chinoiserie handpainted wallpaper one standard roll of 3 by 8 | Etsy
Chinoiserie Handpainted Silk Wallpaper and Mural We are devoted to artistic silk handpainting and embroidery, and to articulate Chinese traditional aesthetics in modernity. Purely Natural, custom made and handcrafted, our products are not only heritage from history, but also a kind of medium to communicate with our clients, a link between the ancient and the modern, you and me, which makes our products mutual artistic experience together. Like darkling chrysalis finally breaking out from cocoon and being transformed into numerous butterflies quivering with light, genuine artworks deserve waiting, and being treasured. It will transcend time and space, and be handed down generation by generation, which becomes a GRAND WISH in our heart. Panel Sizes
 Standard panel as listed is 3 ft by 8 ft. Custom sizes are available. Custom work
 Custom size, color and design are available. Designs may be adjusted to fit any wall space or configuration, based on customer supplied wall elevations or dimensions. Designs may be adjusted to fit around doors and windows, up stairway walls and also singular, self contained panels appropriate for framing within wall. Order Process If you want to order one standard panel(same as listed picture) to be framed as artwork, you can just order through this listing. If you want to order for a custom project, please enquiry us before ordering, we will be happy to make the whole process a mutual artistic experience for both sides. Price The listed price is for a standard panel of 3 by 8 ft (as shown in listed picture). For more than 2 panels, we will give you free shipping for the additional panel. As for price for other designs, sizes and painting grounds and other projects, please enquiry us. Contact Us If you are interested in any of those patterns, please send us message. We are here at your disposal.